Ida Gerasolo is a professional ballerina, ballet instructor and owner of I.D.A. International Dance Academy.

At a young age, Ida was active and participated in anything she could make time for. She figure skated, rowed, and played soccer, hockey and lacrosse. She also enjoyed playing the piano and the flute, acting in school plays, and volunteering in the community – especially in the local retirement home where she played piano for elders. Most of all she loved dancing, and it was a ballet that she had chosen in which to make her future.

Ida Gerasolo danced and trained at Christina Pora’s Classical Ballet School, Hamilton City Ballet, Quinte Ballet School, and The National Ballet School of Canada.  She would sit in on rehearsals and take notes on corrections that the older dancers were receiving from a young age.  She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from York University and her Associate Teaching Qualification from the Cecchetti Society and The Royal Academy of Dance. As a graduate from Canada's National Ballet School's Teacher Training Program, Ida instills in her students strong technical training, as well as a healthy approach to dance mentally and physically.

Upon finishing her 7 years of studies, Ida Gerasolo decided to open a private studio in Toronto offering private and semi-private lessons.  With the success of her students there and support of her husband, Nolan Zucchet, Ida Gerasolo moved and opened a full-time ballet school in Mississauga. This school, I.D.A. International Dance Academy, is now celebrating its 6th year in operation. 

"Every artist has a muse, and mine was a student who came to me when I  didn't even have a studio. There were no floors no mirrors no bars, just a carpet, 4 walls and a yoga mat. Her success is the reason why I wanted to open up my own school!"

Ida Gerasolo

Artistic Director

B.F.A. Honours Dance, TTP-Dip, ACSC-CICB, RAD-RTS